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The Posterflow RESTful API

The Posterflow API is a RESTful API that uses HTTP(S) protocol with HTTP GET and POST methods for communication


The Basics

API keys and authentication

To access the API you need an API key which you can easily generate if register an account above. After login go to " API-Access" and
generate your personal access token. Please keep this key secret, as anyone with the key can access your order data.

Posterflow uses HTTP basic authentication for the API requests.

To authorize, you need to add the Authorization header with your API key when performing a request. So if the API key is KNRBW9VdshULxjJ1xw0sDw, then you need to add this header to the API request:

Authorization: Basic 84jTUCQJCiEPfhZl2gV_1zb2uy146_r0wYqjg5D09QQ

The API Request Endpoint

All API requests have to be sent to this URL :

Test the API on Swagger

Test the API (OAS3.0) on Swagger



- GET Orders
- GET Order Status
- GET Products
- POST Order
Shopify & Posterly
Etsy + CSV-Import
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