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Ordering process
How are orders sent to Posterflow ?

There are several ways to transfer orders to us, below you will find
information about the interfaces:


The API is the preferred interface with all features. The API is ideal for stores with large order volumes and offers features such as automatic weight calculation and direct status feedback on all orders. To use the API, a connection between your store / server and the Posterflow API must be programmed.


Shopify (Exporteo)

We recommend the Exporteo app for connecting a Shopify store.
With Exporteo, any Shopify store can be connected to our API quickly and easily.
We provide a template and the configuration for Exporteo and you're ready to go.
We recommend Teeinblue or Customily as customizers for personalizing the print data.

Both apps offer the option of transferring the print data directly and automatically via Exporteo and our API.
The shipment number and the status of transferred orders can also be retrieved from our API via the Fulfilleo app.




Web form

It is now also possible to transfer orders to us via a web form. All relevant order information, shipping address and print files are simply transmitted in a secure web form. The data is converted in the background and sent to our API. You will automatically receive an order confirmation by e-mail. The perfect solution for small and new stores - without any programming effort. You can find a test form here, for production you will receive your personal order form.

Etsy CSV Importer

If you have an Etsy shop, print orders can be transferred from Etsy to Posterflow using a CSV file. Etsy has a built-in feature that allows you to export order items to a CSV file, which you can then simply send to our import email.
All included print jobs will be imported automatically and you will receive an email with the tracking links for each order.

A detailed description of the Etsy CSV import can be found here

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